Why Area 51 Is Restricted

Why Area 51 Is Restricted

Why Area 51 Is Restricted

Area 51 is the United States Air Force facility that is a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base located in Nevada.

Area is restricted to the public, and its activities are shrouded in secrecy. the area is a military installation which is chiefly used for aircraft development and testing.

The enormous steps the government has taken to keep the fact that this military base even exists, the warning signs to “Keep Out or Risk Use of Deadly Force,”

And All Photography Prohibited,” makes you want to keep looking.

Article 15, which includes an administrative reprimand, a demotion, and loss of pay.

Why Area 51 Is Restricted

The objective of this project was to test the reconnaissance aircraft made by the company Lockheed Martin.

The theories of conspiracy of foreign bodies and supernatural artifacts available.

In the area have reduced the curiosity of many people and hence attracts hundreds of people in this area.

Most of these tourists come to the nearby town Rachel, from where they go 30 miles away to a distant place.

With a fierce hike becomes the basis for an elevated view called sustainable peak, from where the glance of the site is visible.

Rachel has a small motel in the city named A’Le’Inn and is a thrift store, which is popular for tourists.

Why Area 51 Is Restricted

Area 51 is the most secretive military base on Earth – so secretive that you won’t find it on the United States Geological Survey maps, .

Area 51, is also known as Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, Home Base, Watertown Strip, Groom Lake, and most recently Homey Airport.

as well as the bodies of aliens are stored in warehouses built beneath the base, complete with underground tunnels.

It didn’t help things when the state of Nevada named a barren, 98-mile stretch of Route 375, which runs close to Area 51, the “Extraterrestrial Highway.”

How Many Cities In The US

This city attracts its proper share of plot and aircraft enthusiasts.

Today, the internet has been set ablaze by talk of a viral Facebook event that invites people to raid Area 51 together.

Given the flippant tone in the Facebook invite, this supposed raid of Area 51 is almost certainly just a huge goof.

Of course, all this is just speculation, because the site is highly restricted.and lucky few who have promised not to share their secrets.

But what do we know about this place, it gives us information about how badly (or need) the army has to keep its go-on.

Accepting the Area 51, you will see inaccurate signs warning the guests of uninvited guests that trespass can be a $ 5,000 fine and a six-month jail sentence.

Photos are not allowed on the site, and even airspace is excluded, except for Area 51 aircraft.

You can see the Janet Airplane at many airports in America. You can hear them on air traffic control.

Moreover, You can blow one into the Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Why Area 51 Is Restricted

But you can not buy tickets on Janet’s flight, and those who fly on Janet flights can not tell you, or their families.

What they do for work. It appears that there is an airline that does not fly anywhere.

The multi-level privacy surrounding Janet Jets, the unusual way they work.\

And the place they visit are one of the biggest legends of Aviation.

If all this sounds like a big secret operation,

US Army Requirements

If you are still active on Facebook, then it is very likely that you have seen a viral phenomenon in the top-secret US military site Storm Area 51″ in Nevada.

However, if you are not particularly well versed with foreign conspiracies.

And see UFOs, you can not know what everyone is talking about.

If ever you were in any doubt that the internet is so bizarre, then you should not be anymore.

At the time of writing, 672,500 people have joined a Facebook group.

Storm Area 51, They Can Stop All As Us”, and set a date, where they plan to show in the area.

Not exactly the kind of place you want to show, as well as half a million people.

Why Area 51 Is Restricted

More than a million people have been RSVP’d for an incident on Facebook,

Threatening the storm on top-secret basis in Nevada,

Some people believe that it is the home of the aliens.

Thousands of people have commented on the page, which says.

We can move faster than their bullets. Let’s see them aliens.”

A spokeswoman for the Air Force told The Washington Post that it is “ready to defend America and its property”.

Facebook user Jackson Barnes has written on the event page.

Hello US government, this is a joke, and I really do not intend to proceed with this plan”.

I thought it would be funny and make some turmoil on the Internet.

If people really decide the storm zone 51 then I am not responsible.”

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